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How to train legs with a back injury

By Russell Hawke 3 years ago 426 Views No comments

So ever since i was born, i was blessed with scoliosis... I trained with it for years and years and never knew the negative effects it was having on me.... 3 years ago i hit my bodys limit where it gave up and said no more, i had insane pain running down my sciatic nerve... Turns out i had not one.... not two... but THREE bulging discs. After months and months of painful and VERY expensive therapy... I have got back to a stage where its manageable... But by no means is the pain gone. Therefore i want to try help and educate people that are suffering from a similar problem and stop it happening to them. PLEASE NOTE: If you have scoliosis and a difference in leg length, HEAVY DEAD LIFTS AND SQUATS will cause bulging discs and end up in terrible nerve pain.